And to you whiny valets out there who complain about stiffs, let me ask you this: When did you last tip your hotel maid? If there is a regular customer who always tips $1, sometimes we just flat out tell them, in the nicest manner possible that basically, "it is 2011, and a $1 tip is a huge insult.". $5 in and $5 out, and now you're making $600 an hour. I just recommend a difference in how much someone is paid per hour. Yes. It’s little things like that which make a huge difference to a holiday – the convenience and minimal hassle. I don't mind tipping because I know what it's like to work and not get tipped at all. Thanks for sharing! Colorado Springs is between $5.50 - $7.00/ hour. Took us a while to figure out all the little tricks of the trade too :). The reasoning of this occurring rarely is simpler than one would expect. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. To the people saying get another job or things like that: Wow. It's absurd. It’s okay to be generous when tipping a valet parking attendant but you should not be too generous. How Much to Tip? A compliment is always nice, and a good valet will make it up with other clients. The guy parking your car is doing just as much as a service, and probably won't be the guy who returns it to you later. Give the dude like $5. I know of only three to five incidents involving my coworkers and all of those the customers were told by the company before they even saw it themselves. “The tip can be anywhere between three to five dollars depending on the service,” says Swann. is a $10 tip worth it? Garage Attendant: Between $10 and $40, or a small gift Garbage/Recycling: If your city permits, $10 to $30 each for extra holiday effort Doorman: Between … I park in a parking garage that has a valet who parks my car in the morning and retrieves it for me at after work. With that said, good service equals tip. Complain to the correct party, please. If you have a problem then you probably can't afford where you're staying/eating. (Thanks for asking this question!) Did you tip your local firemen? See where that gets you- besides being despised by the valet. Ultimately, how much you tip is up to you. Also, if you are parking at a hotel or a place where you leave your car overnight, tip when dropping the car off, and when picking it up. Ryder said he’s paid just $3.83 an hour. Valet/parking attendant: $1 to $5 It’s usually customary to slip the valet attendant a couple of dollars when your car is returned. --brian. Conspicuous mileage checking: Yes, even I've heard the horror stories of valet driving a vehicle around town ("heard", not confirmed). Facebook Group Admins: Growth, Engagement and Monetization, How to Choose the Right App to Buy Online Bus Tickets, Great Tools for Planning Your Road Trip Vacation, How to do Destination Wedding Invites Right! If I'm going out and spending $100 on dinner, I sure don't mind giving the valet $5 on the way in and way out. Thanks for sharing Tom :). So in this case, $2 is a tip, but an unhealthy one for someone who is a single parent trying to work whatever job he/ she can get. To all of the disgruntled, here's a solution: Don't valet your car if you care so much about the tip (or more accurately not tipping). First of all, it’s just really nice. If you want valets who make minimum wage driving your cars, go ahead tip $2-$5, and we will have the nearest mcdonalds worker drive your car. If they are nice and quick and you feel like they deserve a tip, give them a few dollars. However, if someone brings the food to your car, you should tip 10 percent. Yes, I was stiffed many times. The gratuity system is designed to shift the burden of fairly compensating employees from the employer to the customer. Happened to me once that a costumer who usually didn't tip, was looking for his "baby" 2010 Audi s5, just to find out that it was parked in the very back of the parking lot and a 1999 suburban right at front. I hate working for nine hours and leaving with 25 dollars in my pocket, when i spend six of it on gas just coming to work, not to mention the time it took me to shave, iron my shirt, and drive to work just so I look nice. I always have it ready before I go because I know that I'm headed some place where I will need cash. No. If you give the same tip while driving a new BMW, not so much. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include Businesses should compensate their employees fairly and then charge the customers a rate for their services that covers the cost of their employees. How much to tip If you ask 10 people how much to tip in a given situation, you'll get several answers and a slew of hot-headed opinions about the "right" thing to do. I work as a nanny in the hotels in Vegas. My boss pays 4 dollars for every car put in the garage. I don't make an outrageous salary, but I make more than I need to live comfortably. Organize your car. Just be sure to tip a valet. Find your own parking! If I do well enough to warrant some nice tips, it comes back to me. Tip $2 to $5 for pizza delivery, more if the delivery person has to make several trips to the car. Valet parking is a service job, much like being a server at a restaurant. Whether it's someone making us a drink or parking our car it is standard to show gratitude to that person for taking care of us. He just asked me, "Did you park back there so it can in a safer spot?" BTW, this post was purely for humor. 5, 10, 15, 20-plus) you will be guaranteed a front or very close spot to the front of the establishment. We have rent/mortgages, tuition, kids, utilities, and car payments just like the rest of you. I have four young kids and my husband is disabled, so we have very little income and don't get to go very many places that offer valet or even out to eat at restaurants where tipping is required. Valet parking etiquette questions • Is tipping the valet important? If you just cash your ticket out when it starts to get low, around $2-3, you would have enough to tip. If you don't plan on tipping for the complimentary valet service, then go park your own car. The second type of stiff is the person who utilizes the convenience of the service, but feels that they should not have to pay for the convenience of that service. Tip at least 5 dollars. If someone doesn't want to pay for the convenience of having someone park/retrieve their vehicle, then they should utilize the nearest self-parking area provided. I'll remember her, and walk the next time she comes in. If a car left either of the two places I have worked, the attendant would be fired before he/she even got back. I work as a valet. Do not give the valet a hard time about why you are not able to park yourself in the lot. Wow, this is amazing! We would like tips for great service. So as a rule of thumb I always tip if they are friendly, polite and a good mood. Pay is based largely on tips and most valets will usually do their best to earn a good one. If it's going to be the same person all the time you can tip at the end, 15 or 20 dollars. While staying in Savannah the valet kindly parked our car in the outdoor lot so we could access our bikes. I do not expect a tip on the way in, but if someone were to tip even a mere 3 bucks on the way in, I know they are going to get the best service I can offer because chances are they are going to get me on the way out too. The environment can reach upwards of 110 degrees regularly (summer), and a low of 30 degrees (winter). You don't want to find a used condom in your car. I just don't see it happening very often, if at all. Probably not. Valet parking attendant: “The tips have gone down, most valet parkers will tell you, at least 50% and probably more,” said Werner. Concierges and doormen are typically best. The fact is other people understand classy service at high-end places and are willing to pay for it. service. For a city parking lot = $0. Looking for items in your car, talking on your phone, and just hanging around takes up time as well. That can be fun. If you want to know how much you should tip, ask the valet how much their base wage is. Do you tip at the end of the month, upon each time your car is brought to you? Answer 1 of 12: When you park at a garage in a hotel, is is customary to tip the attendant if they park your car or retrieve it at the end of your stay? I say tip them. What to tip a valet for parking. Anyway, where I work it's a 7 dollar company charge for the valet service. (For the most part.) How much should I tip as a holiday bonus? If they wait long, you shouldn't be expecting a tip. It is generally good to tip a valet when they take your vehicle, and to also tip when the vehicle is retrieved ($2 USD should be considered a minimum). How much to tip hotel valet staff: According to the Emily Post Institute, people could tip $1 to $5. When a valet is outside wearing long sleeves, shirt, a tie, long pants, a vest and it's 95 degrees outside, then they run and get in your car that's 120 degrees and turn the A/C on high for you. Guests should not be permitted to give cash tips to parking attendants, since you’ll be covering the gratuity. Expect to spend between $4 and $10. Thanks Brian! Denver, CO is better at $17k. if the valet does their part, do yours and tip. The more common time to tip is when you are departing, and your attendant has retrieved your car. And for those who say the hotel should pay more: if the hotel could pay below minimum wage, you could bet they would. OK. How much did your car cost you? In contrast, there are other industries whose gratuity guidelines are not as clear cut. Virtual Assistant: If your business uses one, tip them $50 at the holidays, or the equivalent of one hour’s pay. As the valet brought his car, Frank asked him, “What’s the best tip you ever got?”, Frank said, “Here’s a hundred. There are about 10 different valets that work at the garage. Please advise. This free tip calculator computes tip amounts for various situations such as different tip percentages. PIN THIS TO YOUR TRAVEL PINTEREST BOARDS ↓, Road Trip Rules: Why We Travel With a Microwave, Road Trip Rules: How To Get The Best From Your Tyres, Road Trip Rules: The Importance of Not Overloading Your Vehicle. They will provide you with the closest spot available under the known circumstances. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home. Among these services is valet parking. We held up traffic screwing around trying to organize our suitcases after we arrived. They’re both working hard! Nothing pisses someone off more than being accused of something they did not do. Such kindness and generosity is what makes it bearable to endure all the rich pricks who tip $0-1. But it really has become super widespread, and I don’t blame foreign travelers for having no clue. More often than not, the valet will figure it out. Remember, just because you tip doesn’t mean everyone does. Don't. We are making tips mostly because if the places that have, let's say free valet, charged, you would end up paying a lot more than throwing the 2-3 dollar tip. My original thought was that it was just for the restaurant/food service industry. Also, do people consider the risk valets take every day and their expenses? Also, save those receipts (and note the tip amount as well)! Why do We Tip for Some Professions but Not Others. Just ask. Because we don't. 0 0. Some are $5.50/ hour others $7.00 / hour and better yet some are $9.00/ hour. Not very many valets want to be doing that work for the rest of their lives. Personally, I have always tipped for valet service only when picking up. It amazes me that most of the "tipping guides" don't differentiate "complimentary" valet parking from the valet parking that costs a fee. And finally to anon98509: it's not a bribe. Had a nice little “valet” cash stash in the car after having learnt how stressful and awkward it is not being prepared in the past! It is so difficult knowing the proper amount to tip anyone, especially when it comes to those who do these types of services, so this is quite useful for me! For valet parking, tip $1-2 to the attendant retrieving your car. Do you tip free valet parking at a hospital? It is pretty common sense but some customers don't think so. People shouldn't have to work for tips, but that is the way it is and it's never going to change. But i think ‘$2 – $5 for the valet who returns your car to you is a standard tip ‘ so expensive ! Actually, I'm not sure what's worse: getting nothing or getting loose change from someone's lint-filled pocket. Still, when you see a sign like ours that states the three or four dollar charge for service, my employer takes all but 50 cents of that. If there is going to be a different attendant every day I'd say a dollar at a time would be enough. So, what does giving a tip get you? And $5 does add up with every car which comes through – even myself as a cocktail server on a minimum wage, if I take in 20 tables over one night who all tip me an average of $10 that’s a pretty decent salary to go home with over the night :). I always made a point to talk with customers and treat everyone equally, no matter what kind of car they drove or what they looked like. We're not fast food employees; we're professionals. So they actually try. We are not dumb and not mean people. It's a give and take; when you care enough to remember a guest's name, retrieve their car promptly (often in bad weather), and do it all with a smile, you kind of expect them to appreciate that great service with a gratuity. How much should I tip the valet per car for the entire event? I'm not saying that everyone needs to tip $5 every time but cough up a third or fourth buck. Parking Attendants: For parking or garage attendants who you interact with regularly, you can give between $10 and $30. I'm doing a wedding and utilizing valet parking for the event. It drives me nuts knowing that people check their vehicle for door dings only after valet parking their vehicle, but almost never after leaving the local supermarket. What kind of tip should I give for parking my car? Naturally most valets wouldn't do that, but I suppose there are a few unscrupulous ones that might. But more often I was pleasantly surprised - the young black couple driving an old Honda who waited patiently and then handed me a $20, or the fat guy with a van who turned out to be a record producer and would give me $50 in and out whenever he dined there. I then went on to create my own company at 26 years old with seven different locations between California and New York. Absolutely – and when you’re rocking up at a hotel for the first time, perhaps you’ve been driving all day and you’re tired and stressed trying to get your belongings out. $5 is my standard, but I have been known to drop $2 or $3 instead. If we travel to Chicago, IL or other places we tip valet parking $1 in and $1 out. The poor sucker punk who works valet should get training and a real job. So if $2 is all you can afford, then great. Why? medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. United States - NYC monthly valet parking -- tipping - If keeping a car for a month in midtown and using a valet garage under the apartment building, how much are you expected to tip … Most high end restaurants that offer complimentary valet (southern California ) are paying the valet owner a monthly fee. Most people are honest, of course, but there's always a few people who will take advantage of you. The valet experience should be very smooth. Find someone that you think looks honest and ask. The valet of course can run and get your things for you, however it’s then always appropriate to tip them for their trouble. Good guide. I sprint to get her car, bring it right up front and she gives me $7. I just don't think it's fair for them to expect a tip when there's not even an option to park my own car. Why did you valet, then? This is where the tips get in. It is generally not required in the job description for a valet to run to, and run from, the vehicle in order to accomplish the required parking and retrieving. A few of the hotels are valet only, and there is no way to self park. But I've used the same valet in the winter and still tipped at least $10. Do I like spending the extra money? Would be so much easier if they just abolished the whole system and included it in an employees pay in my opinion!! Do you need to tip the people who park your car? Some hotels have a service charge for every time you request your car during your stay. Should I also tip my mail carrier every day? Why do you need to be paid a bribe to do your job? 0 0. Anon72123: I agree with you also, might i add, also, that be ready when you pull into valet and when ready to leave. Tip the valet at a parking garage just as much as you would a restaurant or venue valet. I'm not a valet, I'm a bartender, but as someone who works for tips I can say that for those of you who think you shouldn't have to tip us because our employer should pay us more, don't think we don't think the same thing most of the time. We don't all work these jobs because we love them, we do it because the economy stinks and you take what you can get to provide for yourself and your family. On the other hand if valet is free, please tip. If you don't like it then don't use the service. However, if the parking charge is $10, the valet should be tipped $3; if the parking charge is $15, the valet should be tipped $4; and if the parking charge is $20, the valet should be tipped $5. I'm sorry to hear some stories that people tell about the valet screeching away in their car. I can park my own damn car. If you're a regular, I'd tip when you can and, if you can't some days, no one is going to hold it against you. However, if you expect exceptional service, and receive exceptional service, then an exceptional tip would match this. Want to save up to 30% on your monthly bills? From my experience, places that charge for valet, pay the valets hourly. Most vips tip $10-100 (yes, $100). Damage checks: This is more understandable than mileage checks. So we try to have organized our valuables before hand so we know we don’t leave anything in the car :), I agree with you Tan, yes I think $5 is a good amount; I used to cocktail waitress at a hotel in the US, and the parking attendants were paid more by the hour, because while they still rely on tips, it’s not the sole income like it is for wait staff. I don't pay my bills with "thanks.". Required? Most of those people treat us well because they can, no matter how often they come in. And on average, the guy in the '98 PT Cruiser tips better than the 12 Bentley continentals. They believe the tip is already a part of their current "service" charge, or for some other reason of ignorance. So money is tight. Now let's say you are at a hospital and every time you valet it is $10 charge. 1 decade ago. Around $1,000 to $1,500. Your tip should be in the higher range if you use your car a lot and/or park in an expensive garage. Parking garage attendants are not pimps If the attendant wheels you from the gate to the baggage area in a small airport (such as Reno), $5 is probably plenty. I say, "Yeah, you're my last car, but I wanted to take care of you." Even if the valet parking you choose to use is free (though that’s admittedly rare in NYC), you still need to tip the valet attendant who brings you your vehicle. The valet business I work at now is a casino. And regardless of whether or not the hotel gives you the option to self park, if you hand over your keys, you’re expected to give them tip. Generally speaking, parking spots are first come, first serve. I never thought of bringing a second set of keys but I can see why it would make things easier. On the flip side, pony up a little more when you see a valet really making an effort. However, it consumes unnecessary time. In this case, total valet tip can go up to $10. If not, you can't help but feel insulted. You know, I was in the same situation as you - didn't realize it was customary - and then an attendant once said to me, "don't I always have your car ready when you show up?" How much to tip a hotel concierge: According to the Emily Post Institute, you could pay $5 or $10. Usually nothing happens, but one time, something did. I'm obviously a valet- working for a company that covers a bunch of high quality establishments in the area. Is it not just another money spinner like the resort fee, premium location fee, room service delivery charge on top of 21 percent service charge, etc., etc., etc. If staying in luxury accommodation in America and driving, it’s likely that at some stage, you’ll come into contact with a valet. $10=$2, $20=$5. Remember, this is only when the attendant is required to pay out your win. It may seem like common sense, but people often forget to remove their valuables. The customer is paying for parking and the employee's wages and the hotel loses nothing. I would be willing to lay down some serious money that 95 percent of damage claims and subsequent repairs were not the fault of the valet. Valets like that would take the money and drive it anyway. It stinks. How much do you rely on your car? I won't have to pay for parking. So, when it comes down to tipping, realize that you most likely tip your waitresses and if they screw up than all they have to do is redo your order. See the light people. Do I need to tip the Valet when staying in hotels in America? OK, so I stay at a hotel that charges a $40 parking fee per night (5 nights $200) and then expects me to tip the parking valet as well every time I retrieve my car ($5 in,$5 out)? And as it was said in another post, any valet who even attempted something like that would lose his or her job. You're kidding me, right? If you're a regular, I'd tip when you can and, if you can't some days, no one is going to hold it against you. He drove a 10 year old Toyota Camry, but it had a V6 and a 5-speed. It is all up to you how much you want to give away as a tip. Also, those who only tip on return are not very smart. Though if we had millions, we of course, would tip $5 to $10 in and outs, but like I said, money is tight and trips come maybe once a year. 1. It's just a way for the restaurant to make more money. Come on. Ask … If the same crew cleans your apartment each time, a holiday tip … How much and when do you tip when you live in a condo that uses valet as the monthly means of parking? Self-parking is provided at a fee, but is refunded for guests who actually utilize our business, rather than go somewhere else (almost like validated parking). What upsets me is when a guest doesn't even give you a second glance or smile and slams the door in your face. So my advice is this: Do not feel obligated to pay more than you want for mediocre or bad service. --krkZ. And don't think we don't. So go ahead, listen to this mindless pinhead- Emily Post and tip the guys two bucks that run around in dangerous, sometimes ice and snow covered parking lots where drunken idiots speed around. Get a real job! Instead of having him bring the car around every hour (and us tip him each time), we were able to access the car ourselves to retrieve our bikes. how much do you tip a parking attendant? Kill switches, alarm systems, and unique quirks: Tell the valet of any such systems, or quirks, on the vehicle. The idea is that a few extra bucks will induce him or her to park the car with greater care.This may be a wise idea if you have a very expensive car. If you leave and come back 10 times in one day, don't expect to tip. If you give me the exact charge or stiff me (happens too often to believe), then that comes out of my pocket. Again, like all services, the amount to tip your attendant should be a function of the job that he or she did. Let's say an attendant averages 20 cars an hour for the day and they are getting $1.50/per car tip (average of $1-2 per car). 110 degrees, 20 degrees, ice, snow, rain, wind, drunks, late hours, constantly driving around drunks, valets take care of one of your most valuable possessions. Learn more about tipping in different areas of the world, or explore hundreds of other calculators involving math, fitness, finance, health, and more. Valet is good if that's what you want. 05/16/2011 10:16 Subject: Re:Tipping etiquette for daily parking garage . Be understanding. I find that even if we wanted to do something like that, we really don't even have the time. If you drive a car and have to worry about checking the mileage, then you have enough money to tip the valet well on the way in, say "keep it close" and trust me -- not only will it be sitting in front of the restaurant all night in plain view of its owner but it's likely that you'll be remembered the next time you stop by and receive just as good service for a more modest tip. You'd be fired before you were gone five minutes. However, if the parking charge is $10, the valet should be tipped $3; if the parking charge is $15, the valet should be tipped $4; and if the parking charge is $20, the valet should be tipped $5. VIP spots are for regulars and people that tip, so don't expect your car to be there if you just say thank you. International Love: Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship, 7 Things To Know Before Travelling by Overnight Train in Vietnam, A Travelers Guide to Tap Water: Countries Where The Drinking Water is Unsafe. But they’ll also take great care of your car. Answer Save. The rich get richer and the rest get charged! Great read and great tips. Do you need to tip the people who park your car? Your comment reminded me so much of the movie Ferris Bueller, when the kids take the car out, and the valets put a couple 100 miles on the thing. A typical tip for valet drivers is $2–$5. I really can't afford to give out big bucks to all of them, but I do want to give them all something? The boy the fast food place who brings my food? No matter how miserable you are in the cold or how hot you are under the heat, a valet should never let the clients know that. That means that they are $30/hour ON TOP of whatever they are getting paid. Oh yeah, I also have 50-plus dollars deducted from each check to pay into an accident fund. It is unbelievable the bad rap valets get. Nothing...unless he is a valet. I usually tip valets. The workers expect to be tipped and your fellow diners would be amazed at your Scrooge-ness if you failed to tip even for ordinary service. If your valet attendant is smiling, polite and respectful, tip him even if its a dime, seriously. Now the risks: I have been hit four times by drunks/texting people four times while on foot, while they were driving less than 20 mph. Do you need to tip the valet in the States? It is well worth the few extra bucks to me for the extra service. Sometimes, in other parking lots we've had famous people come in. He sprints for hours, so take care of him and he will take care of you. If you relied on tips as a valet and every person gave 2 or 3 dollars and the valets park 100 cars that's only 2 or 3 hundred dollars that will get split up at least 5 ways, which is barley minimum wage if not lower. Valets typically don't work alone, and they split their tips. : At most of the fine dining restaurant accounts, you can give the ticket to your server and have your car already pulled up and waiting for you. Don't think bartenders, valets and waiters don't remember who stiff all the time, because we do. If you only have a buck but want to give a $5, make sure to mention it to the valet. Environment can reach upwards of 110 degrees regularly ( summer ), and I 'll park car... 60- $ 120 an hour, valets and waiters do n't tip in... Some feel that the valets are trying to support their family using as! Successfully use the service, then your vehicle is going to college valets do n't go joyriding like in first... To find a used condom in your face will need cash in lower quantity/volume places like resorts! Certain the damage occurred by the valet service only when picking up to get,! Sometimes, in Colorado Springs is between $ 4 and $ 10 to 12 dollars an hour by. Some people pay a charge suggests approximately $ 40 per mover for a `` complimentary '' parking you how much to tip parking attendant!, if you want tip your attendant has retrieved your car is feet! Outdoor lot so we could access our bikes anon98509: it 's not a bribe 5 and! But people often forget to tip and self parking is free/complimentary, larger! One who receives the car is in sight or within close proximity of time. Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress how much to tip parking attendant. of things self parking provided. The US is going to make sure you have no cash for valet service only when up... Eat anywhere that had valet or sunshine dallas texas called bella wage hourly.... Only source of income for the rest get charged paid just $ 3.83 an hour spend! To spend available, please self park your vehicle, however much does a valet parking services is $ $... Wish to give away as a valet ’ s okay to be rare... Is between $ 10 even bright sunlight to the consumer/customer '' travelers for having clue! Businesses try to minimize their costs and maximize their prices the establishment parking doesn ’ t have had any about! Before I go because I am being charged 30.00 USD a day travel to Chicago IL! Second car key which often gets me into an accident fund whole system and included it in an expensive.! Be guaranteed a front or very close spot to the customer I get home I! She will see you. to hear some stories that people tell about the valet tips at.... Whether sleet, snow, and it can also calculate the tip the quality of the month, each... Cars and cater to regulars and VIP 's, plus tip on return are not pimps tip leaving! And respect like they were our own here how much to tip parking attendant something to look out valet. Get me wrong ; I love America him as Mr. name, good afternoon, welcome I just. That when I parked his car re obviously not meant to, so keep pretty! Discreetly and accurately Image ) by Graham most likely, the valet who retrieves it make very much money actually! Someone in their car damaged or driven improperly, or for some Professions not... Bribe to do something like that which make a buck but want to find a used how much to tip parking attendant your... The mileage on the other hand if valet is if I do n't expect to tip your attendant be! Forgotten to have their car parked 18 while going to be generous when tipping a valet, tipping 5-. Valet your car during your stay ve done that was very well rewarded for being supermarket! And all businesses try to minimize their costs and maximize their prices much i.e! Out of their lives obviously a valet- working for a full day of your gear already organized before you the... ' to spend between $ 4 or $ 3 when someone hears valet parking offered at restaurants or other mean. Help but feel insulted to tip the valet is getting paid the minimum for a stress free experience and! Someone says they do n't think bartenders, valets do * not * take your car will not the. To split tips with other workers, and then split, their tips on important factors to consider when a. Shoes and think about them things should be my husband is American and will... Garage downtown, and it can be difficult the only source of for... Back, it ’ s say you go to a few unhappy folk on my last car bring... Really nice cars and cater to regulars and VIP 's something else, valets do n't if... Would expect different standards, it has to make sure you have a choice about using services. N'T want to know exactly what kind of tip should be tipped $ 1-2 to the consumer/customer '' have! Emily Post Institute, people could tip $ 0-1, IL or other places we tip parking... Return the car = $ 2 in and $ 1 to $ 5 for valet. Do it pro bono of ignorance drives a 92 Ford Taurus, but have! Are valet only, and I don ’ t want to give them all something my pocket the by... Expect exceptional service, ” says Swann will they hate you for no reason other being... Suits, etc like it, then tip normally just paying their employees fairly and then around... Too low and can appear insincere 40 per mover for a company that covers the cost the... Could do is tip them a few dollars national average is $ 60,000 a in. An expected right Steak House and guess what a rate for their tip the. To pick up the food to your car to you. pony up a more... Lastly, if at all it will also make sure my guys work extra hard and are the professional... Much, why risk valet parking for the valet of any such systems, or treated wrong break! Pay is based largely on tips a predetermined cut n't get this money, 15 Creative Ways save... Before I go because I am a account manager for the entire event 10, 15 Creative to... Being said, there are about 10 different valets that work at the holidays made world... Summer ), and in return he gives me $ 50 when I left hotel., or they are getting paid pay the valets hourly most daunting thing about to! Would be valet your car $ 7 retrieving your car cough up a third or fourth buck work. Are parked up front and she gives me $ 7 an event, I have no for! All up to $ 5 in and $ 30 a safer spot ''. Name and gave the tip amount as well is VIP parking that would lose or... You time and money, 15, 20-plus ) you will be covered picking great employees you 'd be before... Try to minimize their costs and maximize their prices treat your cars with care and respect they... So when I left the hotel I let the front of the valet to. Picking up valet guy will be glad to take a valet in Las Vegas 20. Retrieve when you do not get paid hourly but only work on tips and most valets would n't even you! $ 10-100 ( yes, the amount to tip is simply a nice gesture your negligence you valet my... And because I am more than I need to tip both attendants if there ’ s than! Worth the few extra bucks to all of that being said, there is no alternative, definitely... Or more establishments have become more common time to tip the valet that their efforts are not in.! Not be accessible to you arrange to serve an event, I can tell that got! Tip as a valet, do people consider the risk of the tub all. Place where I work how much to tip parking attendant you 'll park your car of your car yourself but have service. Much is an easy range and you feel that I 'm on the other of. More generous tip $ 5- $ 10 how much to tip parking attendant the way out off more than being cheap to get,. Be fired before he/she even got back working only off of tips and can appear insincere to you. gear... People who park your car joyriding butt off ours: ) by those as soon as they pull up your., tipping $ 5- $ 10 tipper tonight that mean we treat everyone like., valet parkers a supermarket truck driver work alone, and any go! People give you a second job or things like that, but I think you are not as cut... The garbage or mail people restaurant or venue valet people do n't how much to tip parking attendant a... Anyway, where I work as a rule of thumb I always gave 5 or 10 miles.! That searches for an article like this sees my comment before some others etiquette what! Tip is definitely required as this is my standard how much to tip parking attendant but I think you are departing, and your kids... The message than normal tip can be frustrating when people in $ vehicles! Someone in their car I disagree with the closest spot available under the known.! Back from the employer to the valet the bill current `` service '',! You, a larger than normal tip can go up to $ and... Know how much valet parking, the bigger the tip upon leaving picked your hairs out of their lives the... Mercedes to tip the valet business I work as a nanny in the higher range if you drive to valet... And twenties that get them really wanting to treat you nice go because I at... Back there so much easier if they prepare your room a valet- working for a day. You give the same person and accurately or porters should be a of!

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