Vodka: Snow Leopard; Whisk(e)y: The Macallan, The Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark, Highland Park; The Famous Grouse is the best selling Scotch in Scotland and … of SSB Group/ Owner of Voo Vodka. Ted Fason. The man behind Grey Goose vodka understood that Americans want to pay more—You just have to give them a good story. In 2005, Drinks Americas signed with Donald Trump to promote a new brand of In 2016, Fou-Dre Vodka owner Chanel Turner launched D.C.'s only festival spotlighting African-American business owners in the spirits industry. Decarlos Stewart C.E.O. Southfield, MI. Finally, he achieved success by quadruple distilling the vodka with American grains, triple filtering it with the last filter being through California limestone and combining it with deionized water. Oklahoma City, OK. Decarlos Stewart. Using potatoes to produce their gin and vodka is already seeing them carve a healthy niche in a notoriously competitive market. MUFF LIQUOR owner Laura Bonner launched her business in Donegal less than two years ago. History. Vanessa Braxton, the owner of Black Momma Vodka, is expanding her burgeoning empire.According to Black Business, Braxton plans to open a 4,600-square-foot cafe and bar … He offered Beveridge one bit of very important advice: If he could make a really smooth vodka … Handmade and affordable, this vodka is smooth and doesn't taste like rubbing alcohol. Ted Fason Founder/ Ceo/ United States. MOORE — The vodka distillery where a man was seriously burned last week in an alcohol flash fire had previously been warned by local fire officials not to use an open flame to make the product. Chiropractor/CEO Success Vodka. it’s about a tequila called Corazón. Now that you now how Tito's Vodka was made, you basically have to give the vodka itself a shot (literally, take a shot of it). Now he has a new tale to tell. The owner thought that it could be done even though it hadn't been done before. Try the best vodka out there and mix it with cocktails, simply take it as a shot, or even make vodka gummy bears with Tito's! Texas' own Tito's Vodka is now worth an incredible $2.5 billion, making owner and entrepreneur Tito Beveridge one of America's richest men.