Shopping Cart: Items: 0 | £0.00. This means that the standard KM marking was in the form of "N.xxxxx letter" or "O.xxxxx letter". the Code Maker observed dates. The K98 bayonet was officially named Seitengewehr 84/98 or SG 84/98. 04-12 … Home > Bayonets. M84/98 German bayonet converted to attach to US webbing post WWII. There are also some bayonets with no obvious markings on them/. The rarity of the original trials bayonets is explained by their I have recently come into possession of both German and British World War I era bayonets. All pictures are of bayonets in my collection, I shall be redoing many of these to more clearly show the makers name with a more consistent quality. The bayonet was designed as a close combat sidearm that could be placed on the tip of a K98. Some K98 bayonets are part … h025081 k98 combat bayonet with tropical frog "josua corts ". The other side of the blade is marked with the number 6748 which is also repeated on the mouth of the scabbard. These were made between 1927 and 1930, the bayonet shows both type 2 and type 3 features, "Sneak", these bayonets are also known as the export model. You can order BAYONET BELT FROGS from BCN member Anthony Carter. Early - S coded. guard to not catch the flags. … The scabbard has no marks to the obverse and the Reverse I can not see due to the frog. Blade is marked 39 Clemen and Yung made whilst the scabbard is a37 WKC issue. WWII GERMAN 98K BAYONET WITH FROG The Karabiner 98 Kurz (often abbreviated Kar98k, K98, or K98k) was a bolt-action rifle adopted as the standard infantry rifle in 1935 by the German Wehrmacht, and was one of the final developments in the long line of Mauser military rifles. Manufacturers of the K98 bayonet. Early examples may be found with DRP on the ricasso rather than RP on the cross guard as in my example. These bayonets had often rifle mortises but could not be fitted to rifles like K98. Second pattern 84/98 with hilt replaced with two sections of leather screwed together. The K98k bayonet’s official name was Seitengewehr (SG) 84/98. made by Alex Coppel, Solingen. There are numerous types and variations of these bayonets. Any information on this would be appreciated, Weyersberg und Kirschbaum - WuK 1928 made 84/98, Metal parts are un-blued and there is no flash guard, and no visible WaA stamps or acceptance marks. French M1866 Chassepot needle-fire rifle. etched blades are more normally found on the KS98 dress bayonets and not normal wehrmacht issued blades. Again you will find these in both saw backed and non sawback version as well as the versions with the sawback removed. h044382 k98 combat bayonet "horster". includes various frogs including rubber an AK variations, Move Werk bayonets are distinctive due to the square fullers Table One-Rarity Determined by Collector Submissions. The total length of the K98 bayonet was 38,7 cm in contrary to the 50.2 cm long G98 bayonet. they also have a Eickhorn K98 Bayonet 1944. Article about: Hey guys I have a bayonet and wanted some info on markings etc. The scabbard shows a O.7007.k serial which is taken to be Ostesea Kiel markings, the blade however is marked O.70P, is P another port (Peenumunde for example ) or something else? 1936 Mauser made by Toledo, scabbard is re throated 1893 leather rather than the more normal steel Mauser scabbard. These were made from blades obtained in Czechoslovakia which were originally issue bayonets, chosen for their quality and matched numbers. 2nd pattern bayonet has a flash guard on the top of the hilt, and has lost the hump on the hilt. After WWI some of the early blades were used by the Turks, and after WWI the Czechs and the Yugoslavians both reworked examples for sale and/or use by their own troops. This example was originally a German M1898/05 bayonet made by C.G. The blade was also more straight and the hand guard was omitted. The information above was compiled by John Jacobi of the Bayonet Collector's Network (BCN) and that information was tabulated by Roger Adkins. Here's a desirable one, I love these last ditch bayonets with the rough finishes! Hi! Table Two-Rarity Determined by Serial Number Extension of Collector Submissions. The purpose of the next table is to illustrate the various manufacturers that were producing bayonets at the end of the war, their codes, production, and rarity. His E-mail address is:, The supplier of this bayonet informed me that this bayonet was collected by in the Philippines around 1910 by his grandfather who was a US troop based there, 84/98 aA made from a converted trials 71/84. Late in 1944 some makers went over to riveted grips from the normal nuts and bolts, Very late you can find Phosphate finished blades, these are very hard to come by, S/173 1937 (alex coppel) near mint condition but missing scabbard. 1938 German Dress Bayonet, Scabbard, Frog and Portepee Bayonet; Seitengewehr (Side Arm) compatible with the Mauser K98, Rifle of the Third Reich. This is a WW2, German M84/98 2nd pattern matching numbers K98 bayonet by Bere & Company, Solingen-Ohligs E.u.V.Horster. The K98 bayonet is a version of the standard bayonet, designed to be mounted on or under a rifle barrel. Scabbard is not a standard 84/98 as it has rivets on both sides and not a single one on the side. Mass production started in 1936. The following is a summary of the main variations that can be found, it does not cover all of the  different makers marks nor dates, although you will find serious WWII collectors of the type who try for complete sets of makers and dates. Excellent blade with no sharpening. Middle - Makers Names. At different intervals, this table will be updated to provide the reader an accurate and up to date information. It is believed that many of the Solingen made pieces were picked up by GI's in warehouses in new condition at the end of the war rather than being taken in battle. Metal scabbard with about 90% black paint remaining. Makers marks on Nazi period 84/98 bayonets (K98). My collection is to try to gain one of each of what i consider the main variations, plus the two WWII … Unmarked 84/98 with all parts chromed. The K98 bayonet was officially named Seitengewehr 84/98 or SG 84/98. Home Contact Terms Online Shop +44 (0) 1257 249579 +44 (0) 7595309015 . markings but it is WuK made so actually dates from early 30's. The list of known frog manufacturers is too numerous. We recommend getting the book BAYONET BELT FROGS, by Anthony Carter. Herder und Sohn, Solingen, fnj- Alexander Coppel GmbH (aka Alcoso), Solingen, i-Elite Diamantwerk, Siegmar-Schonau bei Chemnitz, jwh- Manufacture Nationale (Staatliche Waffenfabrik) Chatellerault, France. Rissaco marked 1943/ASW, the reverse is marked 2860 W. Blade shows some minor pitting and light rust. There are two different grip materials, wood and "plastic" with the latter being in black and red. It is nicely maker marked! Click to open image! deteriorated with heavy visible grinding marks etc.. ab (Mundlos) made bayonet in an aws (Horster) made scabbard. matching German and Norwegian numbers, M1949 converted from a German 98k bayonet, 1949 German 84/98 Clone made from locally sourced materials, Israel also used German issue 84/98's with added muzzle rings Ricasso markings in Hebrew show 49 model/date. Joined: Jul 2010 Posts: 14: Gentlemen, I wonder,could you … I have tried my best to track the changes and when double codes were used in a single year using info from the BCN site and the very good  site on the 84/98 by pyy44 if you have any corrections or additions I would be pleased to receive them, For other interesting 84/98 pieces click here, Click to open image! Frogs were black or for Luftwaffe brown. Bayonets Post 1900. The different ways in which the bayonets could be marked depended on the manufacturer and the year in which the item was produced. The K98 bayonet was a standard issue item and was accompanied by a bayonet frog to be worn on the reverse left side of the load carrying waist belt. My collection is to try to gain one of each of what i consider the main variations, plus the two WWII makers that were not based in Germany (I have one so far). Ok so we have here a K98 WKC marked bayonet. Haenel in 1916. are copies. I made this video to try to help you identify your German K98k bayonet. Early versions had grips of wood, while later version mostly had bakelite brown/red grips. Narrow bladed 84-98. Known as 84/98 or S.84/98 or most popularly as the K98 Bayonet 10” blade heavily etched with Panzer Division 3, Totenkopf SS (Skull SS), Meine ehre heihttreve (My Honor Is Faithfulness). Commercial. both Carter's and Roy's books on Imperial German bayonets. distinctive tang arrangement unlike any other manufacturer of the type, Interesting 1920 dated 84/98 not only does it have unit No part of this information may be extracted, reproduced, or reprinted without the express written permission of either John Jacobi or Roger Adkins of the BCN. Matching Horster 1939 marks and unit markings N10205k. or visit his website here. Register Log In German Daggers Forums The BCN Bayonet Forum K98 - 10 Rare Bayonet Makers Please: Forums Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : Print Thread: K98 - 10 Rare Bayonet Makers Please #283222 05/28/13 04:01 AM 05/28/13 04:01 AM: Joined: Jul 2010 Posts: 14. Price £149. Click to open image! The following is a summary of the main variations that can be found, it does not cover all of the different makers marks nor dates, although you will find serious WWII collectors of the type who try for complete sets of makers and dates. Non Matching Scabbard With Dent. They have no makers marks and only have a WaA mark of 253 under the grips. Single Etched dress knife -  PIONEER pattern, similar to the 84/98 in style, Etching on blade is commemoration of the owners time in service, the wear on the blade and scabbard shows this blade was carried and not just a drawer item, Puma maker is rarer maker for these types of blades. *It is speculated that because these bayonets are so widely sought by collectors that they appear in disproportionate numbers in the collections of our sources and their rarity is skewed. This is probably the rarest blade in my collection, M1884/98 aA with original leather scabbard, Often called the pioneer model a dress bayonet styled on the 84/98 was made. Footnotes will be located at the bottom of the table to help explain various points about the table.